Herbs and History Walks at the Nunnery Green Space

Herbs and History WalkAs many people much enjoyed last Autumn's Herbs and History walk, which went along the river Ver through Sopwell Nunnery Green Space and along the old railway line, a new walk has been planned for August this year.

The walk will be similar to last Autumn’s walk, but with different plants and a different route, although it will still begin with a stroll alongside the Ver at Sopwell (near Cottonmill Lane).

Walk leader, Juliana Wakefield, will show you plants along the way that have been used medicinally in past centuries, and describe how they were used. She will also share some home remedies that can be made today, and folklore associated with the plants.

Last year, she looked at a variety of medicinal plants including nettle, bramble, hawthorn and willow. This year's walk will include woundwort, mallow, sorrel and mugwort.

There will be walks on Saturdays 16th, 23rd and 30th of August, plus Monday 11th and Wednesday 20th of August, each time from 2pm until about 4pm.

Please note: the walks are all the same - a range of dates is offered because last year some people wanted to come but couldn't make either of the two dates.

£6.50 per person (dogs go free!)

To book a place contact Juliana on 079 29 005 623 or email Julie.wakefield@hotmail.co.uk

For more information, visit www.healing-in-history.co.uk