Petition to keep the level crossing open

Level crossingNetwork Rail seem intent on closing the level crossing on Cottonmill Lane, near Grindcobbe/Homebase. The official reason: strong safety concerns after several documented cases of very stupid behaviour, indeed. The matter even made it on the BBC News: "Footage shows children 'misusing' St Albans level crossing".

Many local residents, backed by local County Councillor Sandy Walkington, do not want this, however. As Sandy Walkington put it: "We feel that closing the crossing is a hammer to crack a nut."

The residents, most of them regular users of the level crossing, joined together to form an action group to fight back. They are on Facebook as "Save our Crossing Action Group". Please join the group if you can, and tell friends and neighbours.

The action group have submitted an e-petition to Herts County Council, and the petition is now live. The aim is to get at least 1000 signatures in order to get in front of the full County Council to gain further support. On the back of this, there should also be some media coverage.

Signing the petition is very simple: just click the link below, register with your name and email address, and then sign the petition. It takes maybe 3 minutes.$LO$=1

A paper petition will also be made available, to reach those who might not be on Facebook, and the action group will be organising some petition signing at the crossing.

And, in the future, they are planning on doing their own survey to gather their own data.

The best way to be kept up to date on what's happening is by joining the Facebook group.