Cycle project for young people at the Marlborough Pavilion

 The project will be delivered in three stages. The SADC Community Safety Team in partnership with the Watford Onside team and the local police have devised a cycle project for young people and the first stage will be to provide training in cycling proficiency.  This will be delivered by the Watford Onside Team who are being trained in this area. Watford have paid for this training of their staff which is very much appreciated. 

 Stage Two - also delivered by Watford Onside - will be to introduce a cycle maintenance element to the project – this will be done in partnership with the local police who will give any unclaimed recovered bicycles they have to the project to be worked on.  

 The final stage aims to improve the cycle track at the bottom of the green space at the Marlborough Pavilion for use by young people but this will depend on the usage levels of stages 1 and 2 and available funding.
 Stage one can begin with funding already raised and Watford will advertise and recruit through existing participants on their football nights and ask them to spread the word.