Extract from Glasgow Herald 1893

Extract from the Glasgow Herald 1st February 1893

“During last week the special committee appointed by the Royal Agricultural Society to inspect the proposed sites for the show in 1894 have visited St Albans and Cambridge, the two towns which are competing for the honour of having the show held within their borders."

"At the former place several sites were inspected but the one most favoured was that known as the Sopwell and Hedges site, which is in close proximity to the lines and stations of the Midland, London and North-Western, and Great Northern Railways."

"It is on the estate of Viscount Grimston, and includes a portion of the farm of Mr Frank Silvester, a well-known farmer, who has done much to secure the invitation to the society to hold its first show in the agricultural county of Hertfordshire."

"At Cambridge also several sites were inspected. The committee will report to the council of the society at its meeting today, at which deputations from the two towns will also be present.”