More Memories of Sopwell project

In 2009, the SRA decided we wanted to celebrate and promote the good things about living in the Sopwell community as well as continuing our efforts to improve the less positive aspects such as litter and traffic.

Where the initial focus was on the area's wonderful green spaces, this soon led to an interest in its history, especially, the history of the relatively modern estates, and so "The Sopwell Project", an investigation into both documented and oral history of this previously neglected part of St Albans, was born.

In May 2012, this resulted in the publication of the book "Sopwell: a history and collection of memories", written and compiled by Sandy Norman and published by the SRA with the help of local sponsors.

Following on from this, Sandy and the SRA decided in the summer of 2012 to apply for a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to continue and broaden the work of The Sopwell Project, and, in October 2012, we were delighted to hear that our work had been recognised and that we had been awarded £10,000 under the All Our Stories grant programme.

The money will be used to continue to expand The Sopwell Project - researching the history, collecting reported facts and stories relating to the Sopwell area – by involving more residents, including children from local schools and the more recent migrants to the area.

We will be holding workshops to identify potential interviewees and later to share the information collected; we will build a dedicated interactive website; and we will produce a series of leaflets describing history walks around the area.
It is hoped that the website will complement our existing publication by providing a wonderful resource to help everyone to learn about, and celebrate the heritage on our doorstep.

We want as many of you as possible to be involved, so if you wish to help us please get in touch!

"We hope to get many more residents coming forward to share their memories," says Project Manager Sandy Norman, "including many of the stories from the immigrant communities. We want this to be a real community project involving all sectors."

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