Please can you help?

When we started up several years ago, back in 2003, there were many keen residents willing to support the organisation and we had a full complement of committee members and newsletter deliverers who stayed with us for a few years.

And over the years we have persuaded a few more helpful people to join us when many of the original crew had to resign for various reasons.

Although we have been successful in recruiting people to deliver newsletters - and a big thank you to those who came forward! - we still need more people to fill vacancies on the committee. 

If any of you out there can spare an evening to attend meetings every other month or so, now is the time for you to come forward. 

To give you an idea of what we do, have a look at an overview of our first 10 years: 2003-2013 (PDF).

If you want to help, then please contact us.

Thank you!