Public noticeboards

We look after five public noticeboards in Sopwell ward (erected with grant money obtained by the SRA).

Three are for general public announcements to residents (non-commercial use only) and the other two are specifically for events at the Nunnery Green Space.

The three general ones are located ...

  • in front of the shopping parade on Abbots Avenue West
  • in front of the shopping parade on Vesta Avenue
  • on the outside wall of Marlborough Pavilion (sadly, this board has now been removed by the council due to recurring vandalism, although we were told that it may be reinstated "at some point")

The two Nunnery noticeboards are ...

  • on Cottonmill Lane (between river Ver and Old Sopwell Gardens)
  • on the river Ver path, just before it goes under the Alban Way bridge, at the bottom of the steps leading up to the Alban Way (corner of Sadleir Road allotments)

If you would like us to put up a poster for your event, free of charge, contact us