Community Issues

Photo credit: Janet Audley Charles
Photo credit: Michelle Mackenzie
Photo credit: Liz Boulter
Photo credit: Janet Audley Charles


1. Fly tipping and abandoned trolleys

Fly tipping can be reported to the St Albans Council’s waste management contractor, Veolia. Fly tipping includes leaving rubbish by a full waste bin. One good way of reporting fly tipping is to photograph the location with your smart phone and then to forward the photograph by e-mail to When I have done this, I have found Veolia remove the fly tipping within a day or two.

I am sure many Sopwell residents are, like me, dismayed to see abandoned shopping trolleys and fly tipping littering our area.

There is a free app called “Trolleywise” which allows you very quickly to report an abandoned shopping trolley. Using your smart phone, you photograph the trolley, allow your location to be tracked on this occasion, enter the supermarket concerned and submit the report. You can give additional information about the location if you think that would help. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes to complete. The app’s organisers will then return the trolley to the supermarket concerned, provided they have a contract with the supermarket concerned. (Thanks to Ed Jankowski)

2. Litter, litter – picking, and waste.

Take part in litter picks with the fantastic local community group Sopwell Litter Pickers.

Report an issue with your local area such as dog fouling, graffiti, or flytipping to St Albans District Council through your MyStAlbans account, or via calling 01727 809019 or e-mailing

Find your local bin collection day here.

Road or pavement problems

Report potholes or issues with street lighting, traffic lights, road flooding, or overgrown hedges to Hertfordshire County Council.


View and track planning applications through St Albans District Council‘s website.


We are lucky to live in a relatively low crime area, but there are still problems. Report any concerns to the local Policing Team.

The SRA attends regular Neighbourhood Watch meetings. Contact us using our Contact Page to find out more.

You can also register to be notified about Local Authority alerts concerning crime and local issues using the National Police approved Online Watch Link (OWL).