Sopwell countryside (photo credit: Peter Wares)
Sopwell Nunnery (photo credit: Jo Cooney)
Riverside Rd fishery (photo credit: Jo Cooney)
Community groups at the new Community and Cycling Centre (photo credit: Andy Collin)
The new Community Centre
and cycling hub

(photo credit: Sandy Walkington)
Evening at the Marlborough Pavilion (photo credit: Michelle Mackenzie)
Wildlife Nature Reserve (photo credit: Peter Wares)
Detail at St Albans Abbey station (photo credit: Jo Cooney)
The Berners Drive Community Garden (photo credit: Grow Community – Sopwell)
View of the Abbey from Sopwell (photo credit: Peter Wares)
Sopwell House Hotel (photo credit: Jo Cooney)
Subaqua Club (photo credit: Jo Cooney)
Sopwell Nunnery (photo credit: Jo Cooney)
Larks in the Parks
Larks in the Park 2019 (photo credit: Janet Audley Charles)
Community Cafe @St Julian’s (photo credit: Janet Audley Charles)