Sopwell Eco-Stars

2024 St Albans’ Mayor’s Pride Awards nominee ‘Environmental groups’

We are a sub-group of Sopwell Residents Association – growing environmental sustainability and community resilience on our patch.

Supporting each other to tread lightly, adapt and stay strong in the face of an uncertain future

Regular Events at the Cottonmill Centre

Find more news in our Sept 23 Community Network newsletter:

Sopwell eco-stars Community Network News June 23

Past Events

ENERGY HACKS event Feb 24

Speakers including local author Judith Leary-Joyce – and training to use and borrow the Sustainable St Albans Thermal Imaging Camera. See the presentations click here

Community Cook-a-Long

Our cooking session in December 23 had an emphasis on #sustainability and helping others. Everyone learned valuable cooking skills with Danielle from The Cobbled Kitchen. We created a delicious festive chutney to take home and a winter-warming soup (SEE RECIPES BELOW) to share with the St Albans Community Pantry Monday free lunch session at Cottonmill Community & Cycling Centre.

A good time was had by all. With thanks to Hertfordshire Community Foundation for funding and St Albans Cycle Hub for hall hire.

November Repair Fair 23

  • Well done to all our fixers and all the people who brought things to save them from landfill! From teddy bears to tricycles; antique coats to valve radios; breadmakers to garden tools…..Look out for our next Repair Fair in 2024.

Babies and Children Preloved and Jumble Summer Sale.

Lots of bargains were had and it helped keep items out of landfill. Thanks to all donors, buyers and great support from House of Colour Stylist Alex Shoobert, Reusable Nappies with The Cloth Bums CIC, Ethical and sustainable clothing brand Tommy & Lottie, and Period pants by WUKA.

How to Save Energy and Cut Bills at Home.

Thanks to David Reid of Sustainable St Albans, eco-renovator Judith Leary-Joyce and all the other contributors.

How Local Communities are Tackling Climate Change

Kate spoke to the Soroptomist International St Albans and District Group on 23 January, looking at how we can build resilience. You can watch the presentation below and download Kate’s powerpoint here.

Watch Kate’s presentation on YouTube

Learning sustainable cooking

Cooking classes to explore plant-based meals/foraging/using seasonal and locally-grown fruit and vegetables. You can have a go at some easy recipes at home:

Repair fair

Sat 5th November 2022- with repairers on board: Bring your stuff to get fixed! Don’t throw it away! Electricals e.g., toasters, kettles, irons, radios…sewing projects…jewellery repairs. St Albans Bike Hub on standby for bike repair support

Sustainable fashion

Clothing swaps, with perhaps also toys & books

Information and awareness raising

about climate and ecological issues through literature, talks, films

Watch our short video on YouTube

Listen here to what we’re all about

If we wait for the Government it will be too late, if we act as individuals it will be too little, if we act as communities it might just be enough.
Quote by Rob Hopkins @brenna-quinlan
Hands holding glowing globe


We aim to support local people to manage the uncertainties we are all facing because of global warming, ecological breakdown, and related disruptions around food, energy, and the general cost of living.

Image credit: Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

I would like to see us launch a race for resilience. We have a race for zero that’s been launched in association with the COP, where we’re getting businesses and organizations and community groups and local authorities all signing up to say they’re going to get to net zero.

I would like to see businesses and local authorities and community groups all signing up to say that we’re going to be prepared for the changes that the climate is going to bring.

We’ve got to be prepared to make sure we live in a successful and resilient country and that we contribute to making the rest of the globe a successful and resilient world.”

Baroness Brown, Chair of the Adaptation Committee, UK Climate Change Committee, 2020

What we plan to do

  1. Build community resilience and adaptation to an uncertain future
A mortar board.

Educational/awareness work to increase awareness of climate and ecological issues and practical responses.

Hammer leaning on a tool box.

Up-skilling around food growing, repair, insulation, and working together

A group of avatars around a network.

Support activities that help build community cohesion, networks, and support.

An outline of a person and a branch over a silhouetted head.

Support mental health and well-being for individuals of all ages.

Two speech bubbles.

Reduce isolation for minority groups, the vulnerable and the elderly.

  1. Grow environmental sustainability in Sopwell
A car.

Help and encourage people to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in everyday lives through food, energy, and consumer projects.

A bolt of energy next to a battery.

Help to increase the uptake and use of renewable energy in Sopwell – to reduce energy costs and build local resilience to energy supply disruptions.

A rubbish bin.

Encourage residents to reduce waste – in food, water, energy and consumer items.

A hammer leaning on a tool box.

Encourage repair of consumer items: electrical; clothing; furniture to reduce wastage, save money, and reduce carbon emissions.

Engage the community to protect and restore the natural environment in Sopwell – to include in people’s gardens, and in public spaces.


We believe passionately in creating networks of support. Working together with others brings in creativity, resources, and increased likelihood of success.

We will work together with the following partners, with whom we have existing relationships.

Honeycomb layout of project partners

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