Warm Welcome Hubs

Our Warm Welcome Hubs are currently finished. You can see below an overview of what ran last year. If you are interested in volunteering at or attending a Warm Welcome Hub in 2023-2024, please keep an eye on our Facebook or website pages to find out when the next ones will be.

All Warm Welcome Hubs below help to bring everyone together from our local community. They are friendly events, welcoming to all ages, some with activities.

Some have FREE refreshments; some do FREE or low-cost meals.


St Albans Community Pantry

St Albans Community Pantry  & People’s Kitchen Mon 12-2pm Cottonmill Community & Cycling Centre; off Old Oak, off Cottonmill Lane, AL1. All welcome; FREE hot meals/refreshments. Support/ advice. Free  supermarket-rescued food, including fresh fruit/ veg. Also nappies. stalbanscommunitypantry

St Bartholomew’s Church, ‘Bread and Soup’ Mon 12.30-1.45pm St Bartholomew’s Church Hall, 47 Vesta Ave. All welcome. FREE lunch-soup/bread in friendly environment. Info

Warm Space – by St Albans Community Pantry & Sopwell Residents Association Mon 3.30pm – 6pm At Cottonmill Community & Cycling Centre, off Old Oak, off Cottonmill Lane, AL1 ; all welcome; FREE drinks/bread/pastries. Some free supermarket-rescued food/nappies. Social activities, laptops, board games, table-tennis, support & advice.  &


Leeanna’s Wish ‘Cuppa & Cake Tues 10am – 12pm Cottonmill Community & Cycling Centre All welcome. Support/advice available; social activities. Bring your own refreshments or available for a small charge; Info:


St Stephen’s Church Hall ‘Coffee Morning’  Wed  10am – 12pm Allwelcome; FREE refreshments. Friendly place for a chat. Info:

St Albans Community Pantry Community Breakfast Club

Wed 10am-12pm SCHOOL HOLIDAYS ONLY at Cottonmill Community & Cycling Centre. FREE refreshments + Cooked Breakfast. Support & Advice.


 St Julian’s Church ‘Coffee & Cake’ Thurs 10.30am-12pm. St Julian’s Church Hall. All Welcome. Friendly environment for a chat. Refreshments – small charge.


Leeanna’s Wish ‘Community Nights’  Fri 8-11pm Cottonmill Community & Cycling Centre; all welcome. Support and advice available; social activities. Bring your own refreshments. Small voluntary charge on door.

St Albans District Foodbank Vouchers

To get help from St Albans District Foodbank you need to get a voucher from a referral group – Groups below – they also run warm spaces – can provide vouchers.

Also see referral agencies online here

Advice and support also available from:

St Albans City and District Council

Citizens Advice St Albans District

St Albans Community Bank

St Albans Old People’s Trust

St Albans and District Foodbank